Social Media

Technology has been apart of my life since before I can remember. From the portable DVD players that would keep me silent on long car rides, to FaceTime’s that keeps me in touch with my family that live hundreds of miles away. Growing in with technology means growing up with a cell phone. My parents gave me my first pay as you go phone in 1st grade, and from there each year I upgraded my phone to keep up to date with the fast changing technology. At first it started with just playing brick keeper once a week on my old flip phone, then it turned into texting my friends 24/7, and then social media appeared.


As ashamed as I am to say it, social media has completely consumed my life. The first thing I do in the morning is click on Twitter or Instagram, and it’s the last thing I do before bed. Throughout the day I am checking social media on my Iphone, my Macbook, and my Apple Watch. The social media that affects my life the most is Instagram. When my friends and I are getting ready for the night out, I already have the pictures that I want us to take in my head. Once I post the picture I know how many likes I am expecting, and if I don’t get that amount I feel a little bit disappointed. I also find myself comparing myself to other girls on social media. I find myself comparing their relationships, friendships, bodies, and life to mine. Sometimes I can become self conscious when comparing myself to Instagram models.


Technology has drastically changed communication within out personal and professional lives. In todays world, we do not communicate like we used to. It seems as if hard, heart felt, conversations are rare to have in person, because people would rather avoid confrontation and would rather email or text message. Also, Communication is also much shorter now. People my age have trouble writing properly written papers, because technology has shortened all of our words. We now have, “LOL, TTYL, BRB, G2G”. The need to elaborate our words and feelings has disappeared with technology. Communication in person, from person-to-person has been destroyed. Its impossible to go out to dinner with my friends because everyone is constantly on their phones, and not listening to one another.


The film Generations Like made me feel disappointed. It made me feel disappointed in myself for letting social media take over my life and my feelings. It also made me feel sad for my generation. I know many people in my generation have struggles with self image, anxiety, and depression and I know social media has a big part in that. The film was also very interesting to see how affective social media really is for T.V. shows, movies, and other things. It also made me feel nervous for the future. It made me wonder where social media will take the future generations and the impact it will have in their lives.


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