Collaboration and Technology

Collaboration and Technology, this is something that is becoming more and more common. It is so important for college students today to be able to work with others. This is important not only in college, but for our future career paths. Additionally, technology is also a factor in our college lives and in our future careers.

Technology and collaboration is something that will affect my future greatly. In the future I plan to become an attorney. Here is where we can get a better look at how technology affects the practices of an attorney. In my future I will be using technology to not only communicate with clients, but to research. Technology is aiding the law field by being able to research cases, laws, and many other things much easier than the past. A main advantage to technology in my career path is being able to present evidence with technology. This will help myself, and my clients, and the jury to see the cases more clearly.

Collaboration will also be a big part of my future. I will need to collaborate with my co-worker, my clients, the judge, prosecutor, and other law firms. Here is another video that talks about the importance of law firms collaborating with other law firms. This will be a major part of my future. I will be working with other law firms to complete cases and to refer clients. I will also be collaborating with my co-workers, who will be my two brothers. This will be a different type of collaboration than what most law firms deal with. We will have to be sure to keep our professional relationship, and our personal relationship separate so that the do not affect one another.

Technology and collaboration will go hand and hand in my career. Technology will make collaborating easier for communication is many ways. I will be able to collaborate with my brothers through technology. I will also be able to communicate with the court house through technology. A main advantage will be being able to communicate with my clients and witnesses through technology. This will come as  an advantage to preparing my clients and witnesses for court, without even needing to be face to face. My dad who is a retired attorney used to have to pick up his clients and have them spend the whole day with him to prepare for court. My brothers and I will be able to communicate and collaborate with out clients through technology which I will make things much easier.

I am excited to see where technology and collaboration takes my future career.


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