Media Reflection

Before I took this class I thought technology in my future career would just incompass the basics, such as telephone calls, emails, and google. I thought that I would only need technology to communicate with others, and to research my clients. I never really took into account how big the internet is, how many different softwares there are, and how big of an impact my social media presence make on myself and my future career.

After taking this class I realize how important social media is. I have learned that social media is important for not only my reputation, but for my future career and my future client. According to this article, “If communications were easy, everyone would do it well”. This short article sums up how and public relations is. In my future, I will need to make sure that the public relations of my law firm stays up to date, keeps a good reputation. This is not easy, especially for a criminal defense attorney who can make enemies really easily. I will need to make sure that the public appearance of my law firm keeps good relations with others.

Additionally, this article taught me how to post on social media, and how to make a pitch personal, but not too personal. This will be very important for my future because the law firm that I will be apart of will be a family law practice, so we will want to relate and be personal in our advertisements and posts. This article taught me how to make a post personal and relatable, without being to relatable and degrade my credibility.


Throughout this class I also learned about how important it is for my personal social media accounts to have a good reputation. This was really difficult for me because I have had social media since I was young. In order to keep a good social media presence I deleted my old twitter account and have started a new one that posts intelligent things so that I keep a reputable presence on social media. This article has taught me how to prevent scandals in my law firm and how prevent advertising disasters such as the pepsi scandal in the future.

Here,  talks about how law firms can use the internet and social media. It talks about how important Linkedin is for law firms. That is something I have also learned about in class. I am excited to start working on my Linkedin to make it professionally acceptable.

Another thing that i would have never thought I would think that I need for my future is a blog. As a lawyers daughter, my dad never used a blog, I don’t even think he knows what a blog is. In the future, all attorney will have blogs. This article  taught mw how to make my blog posts stand out from the rest. I know that I need to make sure to have whatever my clients are looking for be easily accessible in my blog posts. I also know that I need to make my posts easily to be skimmed, because not every client is going to read in depth.

Overall, this class has taught me so much about my future and how much of an affect technology will have on it.


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