Brand Yourself

The Brand Yourself assignment really opened my eyes on how effective social media is on your reputation.

In order to clean up your social media you may need to:

  1. Delete any social media accounts that may give off a bad presence (I deleted my twitter).
  2. Go through the search results and click “not me” for any websites that aren’t yours.
  3. Go through the search results and click “positive” for the results that are you!
  4. Submit your main social media accounts to the website! It will scan your posts and delete the flagged posts.
  5. Post on your social media accounts at least once every two weeks, and blank social media account as just as bad as a negative social media account!

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Media Reflection

Before I took this class I thought technology in my future career would just incompass the basics, such as telephone calls, emails, and google. I thought that I would only need technology to communicate with others, and to research my clients. I never really took into account how big the internet is, how many different softwares there are, and how big of an impact my social media presence make on myself and my future career.

After taking this class I realize how important social media is. I have learned that social media is important for not only my reputation, but for my future career and my future client. According to this article, “If communications were easy, everyone would do it well”. This short article sums up how and public relations is. In my future, I will need to make sure that the public relations of my law firm stays up to date, keeps a good reputation. This is not easy, especially for a criminal defense attorney who can make enemies really easily. I will need to make sure that the public appearance of my law firm keeps good relations with others.

Additionally, this article taught me how to post on social media, and how to make a pitch personal, but not too personal. This will be very important for my future because the law firm that I will be apart of will be a family law practice, so we will want to relate and be personal in our advertisements and posts. This article taught me how to make a post personal and relatable, without being to relatable and degrade my credibility.


Throughout this class I also learned about how important it is for my personal social media accounts to have a good reputation. This was really difficult for me because I have had social media since I was young. In order to keep a good social media presence I deleted my old twitter account and have started a new one that posts intelligent things so that I keep a reputable presence on social media. This article has taught me how to prevent scandals in my law firm and how prevent advertising disasters such as the pepsi scandal in the future.

Here,  talks about how law firms can use the internet and social media. It talks about how important Linkedin is for law firms. That is something I have also learned about in class. I am excited to start working on my Linkedin to make it professionally acceptable.

Another thing that i would have never thought I would think that I need for my future is a blog. As a lawyers daughter, my dad never used a blog, I don’t even think he knows what a blog is. In the future, all attorney will have blogs. This article  taught mw how to make my blog posts stand out from the rest. I know that I need to make sure to have whatever my clients are looking for be easily accessible in my blog posts. I also know that I need to make my posts easily to be skimmed, because not every client is going to read in depth.

Overall, this class has taught me so much about my future and how much of an affect technology will have on it.

Collaboration and Technology

Collaboration and Technology, this is something that is becoming more and more common. It is so important for college students today to be able to work with others. This is important not only in college, but for our future career paths. Additionally, technology is also a factor in our college lives and in our future careers.

Technology and collaboration is something that will affect my future greatly. In the future I plan to become an attorney. Here is where we can get a better look at how technology affects the practices of an attorney. In my future I will be using technology to not only communicate with clients, but to research. Technology is aiding the law field by being able to research cases, laws, and many other things much easier than the past. A main advantage to technology in my career path is being able to present evidence with technology. This will help myself, and my clients, and the jury to see the cases more clearly.

Collaboration will also be a big part of my future. I will need to collaborate with my co-worker, my clients, the judge, prosecutor, and other law firms. Here is another video that talks about the importance of law firms collaborating with other law firms. This will be a major part of my future. I will be working with other law firms to complete cases and to refer clients. I will also be collaborating with my co-workers, who will be my two brothers. This will be a different type of collaboration than what most law firms deal with. We will have to be sure to keep our professional relationship, and our personal relationship separate so that the do not affect one another.

Technology and collaboration will go hand and hand in my career. Technology will make collaborating easier for communication is many ways. I will be able to collaborate with my brothers through technology. I will also be able to communicate with the court house through technology. A main advantage will be being able to communicate with my clients and witnesses through technology. This will come as  an advantage to preparing my clients and witnesses for court, without even needing to be face to face. My dad who is a retired attorney used to have to pick up his clients and have them spend the whole day with him to prepare for court. My brothers and I will be able to communicate and collaborate with out clients through technology which I will make things much easier.

I am excited to see where technology and collaboration takes my future career.

Social Media

Technology has been apart of my life since before I can remember. From the portable DVD players that would keep me silent on long car rides, to FaceTime’s that keeps me in touch with my family that live hundreds of miles away. Growing in with technology means growing up with a cell phone. My parents gave me my first pay as you go phone in 1st grade, and from there each year I upgraded my phone to keep up to date with the fast changing technology. At first it started with just playing brick keeper once a week on my old flip phone, then it turned into texting my friends 24/7, and then social media appeared.


As ashamed as I am to say it, social media has completely consumed my life. The first thing I do in the morning is click on Twitter or Instagram, and it’s the last thing I do before bed. Throughout the day I am checking social media on my Iphone, my Macbook, and my Apple Watch. The social media that affects my life the most is Instagram. When my friends and I are getting ready for the night out, I already have the pictures that I want us to take in my head. Once I post the picture I know how many likes I am expecting, and if I don’t get that amount I feel a little bit disappointed. I also find myself comparing myself to other girls on social media. I find myself comparing their relationships, friendships, bodies, and life to mine. Sometimes I can become self conscious when comparing myself to Instagram models.


Technology has drastically changed communication within out personal and professional lives. In todays world, we do not communicate like we used to. It seems as if hard, heart felt, conversations are rare to have in person, because people would rather avoid confrontation and would rather email or text message. Also, Communication is also much shorter now. People my age have trouble writing properly written papers, because technology has shortened all of our words. We now have, “LOL, TTYL, BRB, G2G”. The need to elaborate our words and feelings has disappeared with technology. Communication in person, from person-to-person has been destroyed. Its impossible to go out to dinner with my friends because everyone is constantly on their phones, and not listening to one another.


The film Generations Like made me feel disappointed. It made me feel disappointed in myself for letting social media take over my life and my feelings. It also made me feel sad for my generation. I know many people in my generation have struggles with self image, anxiety, and depression and I know social media has a big part in that. The film was also very interesting to see how affective social media really is for T.V. shows, movies, and other things. It also made me feel nervous for the future. It made me wonder where social media will take the future generations and the impact it will have in their lives.

Technology in Careers

  1. Media and Digital Sales Executive

Townsquare Media

Job description can be found here.

  • Present and close appropriate marketing solution programs. These programs may include any of Townsquare Media’s many assets for clients: Broadcast and Online radio, digital products such as display, streaming, loyalty programs, e-commerce, audience extension and digital marketing services.
  • Enter new customer data and other sales contract details for station clients.
  • To be able to become a stronger candidate for this position I need to learn about all of the company’s technology that they use. I also would need to perfect my public speaking skills, so that I can properly present on required items.
  1. Promotions Associate, Jr

Greater Good /

Job description can be found here.

  • Set up and maintain online store promotions in proprietary software.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.
  • Some knowledge of HTML is a plus.
  • In order to be competitive for this job, I would need to learn and perfect my skills in Microsoft Office suite. I would also need to research HTML, so that I have a one-up on some other applicants.
  1. Social Media Marketing Specialist

The YMCA, Grand Rapids

Job Description

  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to web, digital media, or marketing preferred.
  • A social media ‘native’ – Live and breathe all things social
  • Responsible for the management of social media presence on all relevant platforms.
  • This position requires the applicant to be up to date with social media. I am very up to date with most social medias, but would need to update my knowledge on Google+, and Tumblr. I also would need to obtain my bachelors degree to apply for this job.
  1. Associate Director, Marketing

Bissell, Grand Rapids

Job description can be found here.

  • Responsible for development of advertising creative, media, consumer promotion and packaging plans working seamlessly with the Marketing Communications department
  • Develops product and consumer programs by trade channel or account
  • In order to be competitive for this position I will need to update myself on the software that the company uses for developing their advertising creative, media, consumer promotion and packaging plans. I will also need to know how to use trade channels, which I currently do not know how to use.
  1. Digital Marketing Coordinator

Grand Rapids Downtown Market

Job description can be found here.

  • move effortlessly between social media platforms
  • Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the Downtown Market website
  • Managing Facebook ads for for brand awareness and sales
  • Improving the usability, design, content and conversion of the Downtown Market website
  • This job requires me to design the website for the company. I feel as if I fall short in this area, because I do not know how to build or edit websites. On the other hand, I would be good at managing the Facebook ads, and making them appealing to the companies needs.
  1. Graphic Design and Marketing Intern

Uccello’s Hospitality Group

Job description can be found here.

  • Create and schedule content, graphics and campaigns for Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter
  • Development of email campaigns
  • This job requires me to develop email campaigns. I am currently unaware of what an email campaign is, therefore I would need to know what this is, and how to do it before I apply. I also need to create graphics, which I would need to learn how to do to apply for this position.
  1. Advertising Account Executive

Impressions Media & Advertising

Job description can be found here.

  • Well-developed computer skills (Internet and MS Office)
  • Must provide own laptop and mobile phone devices and services with internet capabilities.
  • In order to be a qualified applicant for this job, I will need to brush up on my Microsoft Office skills. On top of this, I am required to have my own cell phone, computer, and interned access. I do have these things.
  1. Digital Marketing Strategist

Cull Group

Job description can be found here.

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns: create, monitor, and optimize PPC and PPI campaigns on platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Business
  • Social Media: develop strategy, content calendars, content, and reports for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization: perform SEO website audits, strategic planning, optimization, content creation, and reporting
  • This job requires Search Engine Optimization. I am currently unaware what this means. If I want this job I would have to learn what this is and perfect it. It also requires creating content for social media, which I would be able to do.
  1. Community Relations/Marketing Manager

The Village at Appledorn

Job description can be found here.

  • Computer literacy in MS Word, Publisher, email and familiarity with the Internet is required.
  • This job requires computer literacy in multiple programs. I am capable of using all of these programs. But, this job does require a real-estate license, which I would need to get.
  1. Marketing Coordinator

Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Job description can be found here.

  • Plans, oversees and maintains advertising and promotion activities including print, online, and electronic media.
  • Monitors competitor marketing activities
  • This job requires me to monitor competitor marketing activates, which I would be able to do. But, I may not be able to plan print advertising activities, so I need to learn how to do that.