CAP 105 Final Scavenger Hunt


Mission #1: Take a photo in front of 4 statues/Icons


The Amaranth is located in front of Mackinac Hall. It is yellow which means, ‘an imaginary flower that never dies,’ according to the artist Cyril Lixenberg. 


This sculpture is located in the MIP library. It was created by Steve Currie. It was made to represent Michigan, and is made from wood and metal. 


This Small Horse sculpture was created by Nicola Hicks in 1998. It is a beautiful addition to the campus.


The GVSU Marching Band sculpture is located by Connection. The sculpture was created by Stuart Padnos. 

Mission # 2: Recreate 3 memes


Vandering Meme

quidditch pic

Quidditching Meme

Hadouken Meme  .jpg

Hadouken Meme

Mission #3: Give a tour of your favorite place on campus

Mission #4: Take a picture in front of your favorite outdoor sculpture


This is my favorite sculpture on campus. I grew up on the river in Saint Clair, so the fish reminds me of my summer spent on the boat with my family. The sculpture is also located next to a pond, and I like the location because it is relaxing and nice to sit by on a nice day. 

Mission #5: Analyze GVSU’s annual report

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 3.17.17 PM.png

I found it very interesting that only 52.8% of GVSU’s income came from tuition. There are about 25,000 students who go to this school who all pay a lot of money to attend. I thought that amount would be higher. I also find it interesting that state appropriations was only 13.8%. I also thought this would be higher since it is a public university. 

Mission #6: Post your favorite internet meme

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 3.21.20 PM.png

This meme makes me laugh. I think it is funny to send to my friends when they are telling me something that I do not really care about. I think this meme is a very sarcastic meme that is saying that you obviously do not want to hear more, and I like that.